Quick easy routine that can prevent phone exploit

We all hear and read often on how phones get compromised and how hard it is to secure phones on which people have the most valuable and personal information.

They’re different way one can try to keep phones secure. Avoid shady websites, do not open or accept files from people you do not know or trust or you do not know what they are sending.

Do not install random useless apps which might be malware, apps with bad reviews or almost no downloads or installs, as apps can get thru App Store reviews and download additional software as update containing trojan and or malware.

Some people might even try some sort of virus/malware scanner, in our opinion most are not very useful or effective.

Something much easier, useful one can do is, Turn your phone OFF and ON every few days ! There are many malware that reside in the memory, and as many people have the habit to almost never restart there phones, phones in some cases go years without turning off, with a malware infection that resides in the memory of the phone it can keep doing damage for a long time, exposing your personal information, spying, and financial damage.

In 2021 the NSA advised to turn off and on your phone weekly as a security measure, and in 7 sept 2023 the Belgium police started to advise people to restart their phone at least 1x daily! Early 2023 the Australian prime minister advised the same.

There many different malware, trojans, that can nestle and stay on your phone after restart, so it is not a bulletproof solution, but it can help for certain exploits, its easy, and doesn’t take much time to do.


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